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Are your distance online students feeling isolated and disengaged?

Is forum communication impededed by delays, lack of clarity, and absence of feedback?

OB3 brings course content and discussions in the same place.

Would you like to design free flowing interactions - between your learners and with you?

OB3 solves a significant challenge in distance flexible education

  • Outperforms other learning technologies in the online forum space.
  • Proven to increase learner agency, engagement, and interaction
  • UI design reduces lecture workload and cognitive demands of technology use

OB3 has been used in the Bachelor of Midwifery at Ara Institute of Canterbury in New Zealand since 2013. We interviewed Rea Daellenbach and Lorna Davies on their experiences.

Learn more about how OB3 has been applied in Midwifery education at

What our clients tell us

We are excited about the possibilities with OB3 and the richness of the experience for both student and teacher

John Grigg

The University of Sydney

What we find really powerful is all aspects of the delivery and student engagement are seamlessly deployed within the same space

Dave Irwin

Ara Institute of Canterbury

The beauty of OB3 is students can create discussions in content, reducing isolation and giving lecturers a sense of how students are responding to teaching materials.

Rea Daellenbach

Ara Institute of Canterbury

The draw card of OB3 was the ability to have asynchronous contextual discussions within the online created content.

Mary Kensington

Ara Institute of Canterbury

OB3 is a flexible platform that encourages students to share their work with colleagues. Secure sharing adds to the academic integrity of the services.

Dr Con Petsoglou

University of Sydney

Security is an important component of e-portfolios. Being able to “close” the portfolio at the due date was a function not easily achieved in the other portfolio platforms.

Michelle Prier

Ara Institute of Canterbury


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Enhancing engagement and connection in online distance education through the interaction design of a technology View slides

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Embracing technology: Interactive ePortfolios for Midwifery Students
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INTED22 - full paper

Students and teachers co-designing media-rich document resources in an asynchronous virtual personal learning environment.
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FLANZ 2021 - referenced paper

Lifting learning performance and engagement in OB3.
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ASCILITE 2014 - concise paper

Fostering online student interaction using OB3
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DHIN 2022 - poster

Student-led journal club with a technology for asynchronous discussions in-line with content. Access in the proceedings website

ASCILITE 2017 - poster

Benefits of enabling lecturers and students to author, share and discuss media-rich documents for online study. Access in proceedings website

Learn about the foundations of OB3

PIN-C 2012 - short paper

Product development in a small IT firm: an interaction design perspective. Access in Research Gate

DEANZ 2012 - poster

Enhancing the online experience in postgraduate medical education. Access in Research Gate

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