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Are your distance online students feeling isolated and disengaged? Are you looking for a way to design distance flexible learning where the collaboration and interaction between learners and lecturers is free flowing? 

OB3 brings your course content and collaboration together. It outperforms other learning technologies in the online forum space; and is proven to increase learner agency, engagement, and interaction. Its interface design can help to reduce lecture workload, and cognitive demands associated with technology use.


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Case study video:  Interview with Ara Midwifery Department (prepared for TTMEC 2021)
Publications: Gomez et al. working paper (2018),  Gomez et al. at ASCILITE 2017Daellenbach et al. at ASCILITE 2014

OB3 - Beautiful study for lifelong learning™

Authoring & Publishing
Authoring & Publishing
  • Build and share media-rich documents with in less than 60 minutes, using only the skills required to browse the web, copy and paste, use email and edit a Word doc.
  • Designed for easy adoption and use by time-starved staff and students.
  • Drag or copy content from the desktop or web: we automatically convert and embed media.
  • Anything you can add to OB3 in the browser, you can also email to OB3.
  • Share your docs with other OB3 users, or link/embed within a course in your LMS
  • Supports individual, group and class asynchronous activities with collaboratively editable documents and discussions
  • Discussions happen in context within curriculum content or student-led assignments (unique to OB3)
  • Contribute to discussions by replying through email (including with formatting, attachments and media)
  • Supports team-based curriculum development
Alumni (unique to OB3)
Alumni (unique to OB3)
  • Alumni accounts are free and students can keep retain access to their content, and any content you want to share with them, after graduation.
  • Facilitates the development of online learning communities.
  • Integrates with all major LMS systems (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L)
  • Create study activities that span multiple courses within a degree
  • Publication and content export features allow OB3 to be used within institutional workflows
  • APIs enable custom learning apps and enterprise integrations
Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting
  • Summarise student activity and content authoring within a document, folder or entire course
  • Generate reports to speed up common administrative and course authoring activities
Engagement & Support
Engagement & Support
  • Student activity in OB3 generates individual learner profiles that enable personalized student support
  • Keep students active and engaged: identify struggling students, deliver getting-started and study-support messages in-app or via email

Meet the Founders

Dr Gloria Gomez

Image of Dr Gloria Gomez - Co-Founder OB3

Dr Gloria Gomez undertakes the educational and interaction design research that underpins OB3’s development. Her past experience includes being the visual designer for IHMC’s CmapTools and a number of other educational products internationally. From 2012 to 2017, she taught design in the masters of Product Development and Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark. She is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney.

Rodney Tamblyn

Image of Rodney Tamblyn co-founder OB3

Rodney Tamblyn is co-founder and CEO at OB3, where he heads up sales, product and operations.  His background includes 30 years experience developing and supporting educational technologies for Higher Education. 


Pilot support

We offer enhanced support level for customers piloting OB3 at the Departmental or Enterprise levels.  This covers collaborative engagement for educators and course teams, through initial engagement and planning of your pilot, and then through initial course delivery.  OB3 reporting services can provide further data-driven insights on how students are engaging with your course.  We provide pilot support through on-site visits and online meetings, and via OB3 support systems (provided in-app and via email).

Research & Development

We offer a pilot analysis and report service, where we will analyse your course (during delivery and at course conclusion) and provide you with a written report, including recommendations for refinement of future course delivery. This service is provided by our co-founder Dr Gloria Gomez.

OB3 development services for enterprise clients support specialised learning applications built on the OB3 platform or using our APIs, platform integrations, or to prioritise development of OB3 features aligned to your strategic needs.

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