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OB3 makes it simple to create media-rich online study documents.  OB3 discussions can be started by students anywhere, and happen in context within your course documents.  For groups, OB3 supports engaging, flexible, collaborative study activities. Get started in minutes, OB3 runs in the Cloud with options to integrate with your Institution's LMS.

Get your content online simply
Get your content online simply
OB3 works with the skills you already have. Import your content and files via drag and drop, copy and paste from web pages, Word documents. OB3 cleverly recognises the styling and formatting so your content will appear correctly after import.
In document discussions
In document discussions
In OB3 discussions happen in context inside course content, and can be added by students to ask questions or contribute ideas, while maintaining study flow. Teachers get a clearer picture of student understanding and how they are interacting with your content.
Embed online content simply
Embed online content simply
Add online media from over 300 online sites including YouTube, SlideShare and many others. Simply a resource, copy its URL, and paste into OB3: the will be displayed automatically.
Simplifying video and audio
Simplifying video and audio
OB3 removes the complexity from incorporating video and audio into a document - simply drag and drop media files in OB3. Don't worry about the format or size - they will be automatically converted for correct playback on all platforms. Record audio narrations directly into a page or discussion without need for flash. OB3 supports uploads up to 1Gb.
Student engagement and support
Student engagement and support
OB3 tracks study activity for each student creating learner profiles. These are used to provide just-in-time, automated and personalised learning support: Students posting a discussion message for the first time, or with flagged support needs (e.g. trouble logging in) receive automatic support - either in app, or via email.
Engaging, flexible, collaborative study activities
Engaging, flexible, collaborative study activities
OB3 supports a variety of synchronous and asynchronous collaborative activities including wiki-style co-written documents, templated group activities, e-portfolios and group projects. These activities are undertaken in undergraduate or postgraduate educational programmes designed under blended learning models. OB3 provides features to support engaging and flexible study activities.


  • import and create content using the OB3 document editor
  • share your content with students
  • use OB3 discussions, receive discussion posts and respond via email
  • in-browser audio recording
  • add media from online sources such as YouTube
  • upload files (file size limit 20Mb per file with 2Gb total on free accounts)
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  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • LMS integration (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas) using LTI
  • Unlimited file size uploads (with resumable uploading)
  • Video uploading, hosting and transcoding services
  • priority hosting (with data located in your part of the World)
  • email support (Mon-Fri, 24 business hours max turn around)
  • personal support via Skype to assist in getting the most out of OB3
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  • Everything in Department, plus:
  • additional authentication options
  • OB3 running below your institutional domain
  • customising visual theming
  • development services and customisation using the OB3 API
  • ability to build enterprise workflows on OB3 content and analytics
  • priority support (phone and email)
  • enterprise SLA, hosting, custom data retention, and backup options
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For clients with extensive collections of content we offer assistance in migrating to OB3. We also have tools to convert PowerPoint presentations to OB3 documents.
For enterprise customers we provide customisation and development services that leverage the OB3 API. Please contact us for further information.
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